Tottenham Hotspur kits ‘the most expensive in England’

11 December 2009 | Posted in Features - Insights | By Michael Long | Contact the author

Tottenham Hotspur charge their fans the most for replica kits of any soccer club in England, according to a survey produced by the Liberal Democrats.

A full Spurs kit costs £78, the survey claimed, with a shirt costing £45 upwards. That is about £5 more than the likes of Liverpool and Everton and £10 more than Birmingham City, Stoke and Sunderland.

Tottenham fans can, at least, take solace in the fact that their great rivals, Arsenal, charge the most of any club in the league for tickets, with prices reaching £92 for some tickets.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Sports Secretary Don Foster said: "These figures show that Premier League bosses are a long way from ending their love affair with money...They must not continue to take advantage of the goodwill of their dedicated followers particularly in this time of economic recession."

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