New Manchester City campaign ‘something that hasn’t been done in football before’

26 January 2012 | Posted in Features - Insights | By Michael Long | Contact the author

New Manchester City campaign ‘something that hasn’t been done in football before’

Manchester City has announced the launch of the City Fan Cam, an international digital marketing campaign that involves the use of a 360 degree, five-billion pixel camera to capture an ultra-high resolution picture of inside the Etihad Stadium on match days.

First used during City's Premier League clash against Tottenham on Sunday 22nd January, the resulting image is then uploading to Manchester City's official website where fans are able to tag one another and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

“Although digital stadium panoramas have been done in the past, they have always felt one dimensional," said Julian Pate, Manchester City head of marketing. "The idea behind ‘Blue Sunday’ and City Fan Cam was to engage fans in the physical space on match-day and involve the wider international fan base digitally through our social channels – something that hasn’t been done in football before.”

Russell Stopford, Manchester City's head of digital added, “The chosen players have a huge global appeal across social media. By harnessing the players’ international reach and creating engagement opportunities across multiple club channels, we are able to bring our fans closer to club, regardless of where they are in the world.”    

Gigapixel FanCam founder Tinus Le Roux said, “Manchester City and its fans are the first Barclays Premier League side to become part of the FanCam family, marking an incredible ‘Blue Sunday’. We are excited to enable fans to celebrate and re-live this momentous event forever more. The combination of industry leading technology with social media engagement, delivers an unforgettable experience for the fans and a unique marketing opportunity for the club.”    

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