PSD Bank extends Düsseldorf athletics sponsorship

28 February 2012 | Posted in Sponsorship, Athletics, Europe, | By Eoin Connolly

PSD Bank Rhein-Ruhr has extended its title sponsorship of the international indoor athletics meeting in Düsseldorf for another year.

The European Athletics Permit Meeting, which is held at the Athletics Hall at Arena Sportpark, will again be known as the PSD Bank Meeting in 2013. The agreement followed the 7th edition of the event on 10th February.
PSD Bank board member August-Wilhelm Albert said: "We have witnessed once again fantastic competition and a terrific atmosphere. We stand for reliability and continuity - and the meeting is presented each year at a very high level, therefore we would like to continue to engage in the sports city of Düsseldorf."
The 8th edition of the PSD Bank Meeting is likely to be held on 8th February 2013. This year's event saw 2,000 spectators watch as 150 athletes from 37 nations competed, producing four world-leading performances.
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