A1 Team Monaco driving for environmental perfection

06 February 2009 | Posted in Sponsorship, Motorsport, | By Michael Long

A1 Team Monaco driving for environmental perfectionLength of contract: 3 years | Annualised value: US$100,000 | Overall contract: US$300,000

ProTech Monte Carlo has signed an agreement with A1 Team Monaco, under the terms of which the companies will work together with the target of making the principality's team the first racing team in the world to embark on a 'Zero Carbon' programme.

A1 Team Monaco already use Protech's waterless washing product, which saves 200 litres of water every single time one of the team's racing cars is washed.

"We are delighted to have finalised this technical partnership with A1 Team Monaco," said Pascal Mouchet, managing director of ProTech® Monte Carlo.

"The fact that it fits into a long-term programme for the reduction of carbon emissions is absolutely consistent with our image. The environment is of fundamental importance to us, and by distributing our star product, the Laser Wash, in France and abroad, we have already helped to save hundreds of millions of litres of water."

Clivio Piccione, A1 Team Monaco's driver, said: "By adopting the eco-technological aesthetic measures normally used in the context of everyday driving, developed in the ProTech research and development laboratory, to today's competitive scene, we have just taken a step in the right direction."

Monaco are twelfth in the A1 GP standings.

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